In the 80’s it was okay to smoke. People smoked in restaurants, in hospitals, and even in high schools. In fact, many high schools had designated smoking areas. It was just an acceptable thing to do. So, when James started smoking in high school, no one really thought twice about him picking up the habit.

In his twenties, Jim started to notice that he was a little short of breath during certain activities. He decided that maybe he should quit smoking. Going cold turkey was very hard, and only lasted a couple of days. He tried to quit using the patch but it really made his arm itch and burn, and the nicotine cravings were never quite gone.

By his thirties, he had noticeable health issues and decided that he needed to try to quit once again. He opted for the nicotine replacement gum. The taste was unbearable and it really never helped. He tried a few rounds of cold turkey again, but was unsuccessful.

Next, he tried prescription medication. While taking the medicine did help him quit for a few months, the side effects were causing him more health problems. Jim couldn’t eat. He tried, but food became so unappealing that he would eat only a few bites a day and it was damaging his body. His doctor removed him from the medication and his appetite came back, and so did his habit.

It seemed as if nothing was going to help, so James moved on and kept smoking.

Through some friends he learned about vaping. It seemed interesting enough and he thought he would give it a try. He didn’t even think about using it to quit smoking. What Jim soon realized is that he enjoyed vaping. In fact, it didn’t take long until he actively vaped more than he smoked cigarettes. When he came to that realization he decided to put the cigarettes down for good.

So one morning he decided not to have that first cigarette. He vaped for the entire day and there was no craving for smoking or feeling anxiety. Another day passed and another day passed. Soon he began to feel the physical changes.

The first thing he noticed was that he hated the smell of smoking. He could smell it on other people and he felt embarrassed that he had walked around for decades smelling that awful. The smell made him gag.

The next thing he noticed was that his coughing had stopped. He used to cough so much in the morning, and now it was gone. He also began to feel more energetic. He could not believe that smoking had caused so many problems for him.


It has been over a year now since James has picked up a cigarette. He is still vaping, but even that has slowed down. He simply feels great and tells everyone that if they want to kick the habit, they need to try vaping.