Ted Talks is a great platform for people to give lectures on their topics. Their influence makes you more interested than you would at a college lecture or something similar. The great thing is that it doesn’t have to relate to you. Some things that you have never even heard, might be a really engaging Ted Talk.

Josh Luber is a sneaker expert and enthusiast. He is also the creator of an app called “campless” which analyzes the resell value of a person’s sneaker collection. In the Ted Talks he discusses how sneakers have almost become more practical than trading stocks. How one sneaker that costs $160 could resell for five times the retail price. Its a great Ted talks because of how he educates the audience of something that they wouldn’t see on the news. He also makes sure to get the audience’s attention by using humor, metaphors and occasional eye contact.

David Epstein had a lecture titled, “Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?” With this lecture, he talks about science, the work ethic of athletes, and genetics. He uses history and how conditions for sports and sporting environments are now optimized to take less energy to make them perform at a higher level. He brings up points about the optimization of Basketball shoes or make better turf for football. He uses great points to compare athletes and their conditions from the past to compare it to the modern athlete. He really makes the audience think about how body types have changed over the years.

Lastly, there are Eddy Zhong’s, “How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent”. He brings up obvious points how kids of that age don’t know what they really want. He talks about his personal experience of how his parents told him what they wanted him to become and his bad experiences. He talks about his experiences of going to competitions to build prototypes and that inspired him to be creative. He would one day go to a man and they told him he could go to a business. His point is that this is the types of activity that is missing in today’s education.

These are the types of speakers that really make the audience engaged by lecturing people on topics that seem contradictory on the surface. However, through the use of good talk points and creative presentations, there is something you can get from every TED talk.