When this contest originally went live, the aim was for it to appear in Opium11 in Fall 2011 (following Opium100: A Century of Literary Humor). Now, the contest finalists and winner will appear in Opium39, which will release in Fall 2011 — but there won’t be an Opium100…at least not yet.

Because of the wait, everything has been pushed back, but if you haven’t heard about your contest entry, that means you’re still in the running. Finalists will be announced by July 31.

We can’t apologize enough for our lack of communication about this, we just kept thinking the money would arrive to do everything we planned in the order we planned, and when it didn’t things became difficult for us to manage, and we became frustrated, and recognized we were disappointing readers and subscribers and Opium loyalists, and our hearts were sort of breaking.

Anyway, we’ll be in touch soon. If you’ve been impatient, you’ve had a right to be. But we’ll have answers for you soon.

— Todd Zuniga, Opium founder