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Opium Magazine Contacts...

Todd Zuniga
Founding Editor, Opium Magazine
President, Opium for the Arts

David Barringer
Design Chief & Executive Editor, Opium Magazine (Print)
Vice-President, Opium for the Arts

Ian Bassingthwaighte
Senior Editor, Opium Magazine (Print)

Shelly Criswell
Managing Editor, Opium Magazine

Kelly Helder
Director of PR & Marketing

Diana Kole
Assistant Director of PR & Marketing

Joaquin Lowe
Assistant Editor (.com)

Cedric Stines
Submissions Manager

Jennifer Faylor
Poetry Editor, Opium Magazine (Print & .com)

Danielle Mebert
Assistant Poetry Editor, Opium Magazine (Print & .com)

John Davey
Associate Editor (Print & .com)

Travis Kurowski
Soliciting Editor, Opium Magazine

Elizabeth Parks
Network of Writers Experiment Editor

Vince Donovan
Director, Opium Labs (iPhone Apps)

Literary Death Match Producers

Todd Zuniga (All Venues)
Elissa Bassist (SF)
Suzanne Azzopardi (London)
Dennis Diclaudion (Chicago)
Jody Reale (Denver)

Kevin Dolgin & Jacob Bromberg
Opium Europe Editors

Jean-Philippe Plazas
Opium Asia Consultant

Jess Wallen
Curator of Opium Studio

James J. Williams III
Director of Weird, Artistic Projects
Secretary, Opium for the Arts

Assistant Editors
Sarah Dzida, Jens Porup, Ryan Mazer

To submit, go to our Submit Page.

Manuscript Queries
If four months have passed and you have not heard back about your submission, send an email to the appropriate site editor—be sure to write "query" in the subject heading. Include the approximate date when your work was originally sent.

If you are interested in an internship with Opium for the Arts, let us know, and tell us in 50 words or less what you’re great at and why you want to work with Opium. We're eager to hear..

Circulation and Online Orders
Subscribe to Opium Print here. You will receive the first issue within a few weeks. If you have a question about your order, please e-mail

Supporting Opium for the Arts
If you would like to help to support any part of Opium for the Arts, call 347-229-2443, or send an email to Checks can be sent to:
Opium for the Arts HQ
144A Diamond St.
Brooklyn, NY

Press Inquiries
If you are a member of the press and would like more information about Opium for the Arts, send an email to

For an ad rate sheet, please contact

Ingram: 800.627.6247
Armadillo & Co. Distributors: 310.693.6061
Ubiquity Distributors: 718.875.5491

Opium's Esteemed Board of Directors
Daniel Handler, Ben Greenman, Jane Ganahl, Bob Holman, Ben Mainwaring, James J. Williams, III

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