In the world of gambling and casinos, plenty of crazy things happen. It’s why gambling is known as the world’s most interesting and unique sport. There’s never a dull day and there sure as heck is never a boring game. Despite the rise of online casinos (especially the rise of online slots in the past decade), the physical locations are still home to some of the most wild and insane events ever to happen! Just limiting this list to three events is quite hard, but it’s the best that can be done, even though so many awesome stories get left out in the end.

3) The Church Pastor Who Tried To Rob The Same Casino Three Times

Yes, you read that correct: A pastor tried to rob the same casino on three separate occasions! Gregory Bolusan was a senior pastor at the Grace Bible Church in Las Vegas. However, it would appear that being a pastor doesn’t pay well enough. Bolusan ended up being arrested at the M Resort, a casino belonging to Penn National Gaming, after his third attempt at robbing the place. The first time, he simply asked for the money and the employee behind the cage refused to cooperate with him. (He fled.) The second time, Father Bolusan came armed and demanded the cash. This time he got $30,000 dollars, but used the exact same car and clothing as the previous attempt. The third time, the casino security guards were waiting for him as Bolusan did the exact same thing yet again, bringing in a fake gun and demanding cash. The police were called, and now he faces charges of robbery and attempted robbery. It’s safe to say he won’t be giving another sermon for quite some time.

2) Guy Thrown Out of Casino For Pooping His Pants

A gambler – known only as Tyler, since he wanted his identity to remain secret – was thrown out of the Cincinnati JACK Casino after having defecated within his pants. “Tyler” claims that he used the bathroom and came out perfectly fine, but that the casino needed him gone due to his major winning streak during JACK Casino’s poker room promotion. However, the casino has a different – and more believable – story. The official statement from the casino says that “Tyler” had a large stain on his pants and that other players and patrons complained of his smell. They also added that their number one priority is keeping “a clean and sanitary environment” and that the video cameras back up their side of the story. Meanwhile, “Tyler” plans to take legal action in the future.

1) Man Leaves Casino To Rob Bank… Then Returns To Finish Game

West Virginia man Kerry Johnson had one hell of a night. He ran out of money during a game of blackjack, so he threw down a $25 chip to hold his place, ran out of the casino and went to a bank thirteen miles away. At the bank, he calmly informed the teller that he had a bomb and desired $5000 dollars. Of course, he got the money, and the police were called when he ran out. Johnson lost most of that money during the game, and was arrested the next morning. He plead guilty to the charges, and is facing up to eighteen years in prison. However, Johnson claims he can’t remember the day at all because of his excessive drug use! He had to be shown video of his actions to even realize what he’d done.

See? The casinos are where all of the crazy stuff happens. It may not be the ever-popular online slots or anything as simple as that, but physical casinos have some of the most unique situations and events ever seen. Keep an eye out next time you go!